A North America High Purity Deposit Over 99.85% Pure Silica

About CanWhite Sands

CanWhite Sands is positioned to become the most significant, environmentally friendly silica sand producer and supplier in North America. We are committed to offering superior products and practicing sustainable development that respects the people, community, and environment. 

CanWhite Sands

 Working to be the largest Canadian supplier of silica sand, CanWhite Sands is positioned to become the most significant silica sand producer and supplier in North America.

Canadian White™ Sand 

CanWhite’s silica content exceeds 99.85% and is consistent throughout the Company’s land position.


CanWhite Sands secured a large Tier 1 sand resource in Canada that is logistically, economically and environmentally advantageous in both cost and in silica purity.

World Leader in Environmental Practices

Our world class facilities will utilize an innovative, patent-pending extraction process to reduce both our cost and environmental footprint.

What is Canadian White™?

Canadian White™ is a registered trademark of CanWhite Sands to identify the Company’s high purity silica sand produced in Canada. The Canadian white silica content exceeds 99.85% and has equivalent properties to Tier 1 from Wisconsin sold as Northern White.

CanWhite Sands will be the lowest cost provider of Canadian White™ silica

CanWhite Sands logistical and cost advantage over the competition:

  • Lower cost extraction and processing cost than our competitors
  • Over 98% of the estimated sand resource considered to be a ‘Saleable’ product
  • Our facilities are strategically located with easy access to CN, CP, and BNSF

The largest eco-friendly Canadian supplier of silica sand in North America to the energy industry, industrial application and specialty markets.

CanWhite’s raw silica exceeds 99.85% purity prior to processing and is an irreplaceable ingredient in developing fibre optics, computer chips, integrated circuits, silica metals, photovoltaic cells glassware for synthetic and analytical chemistry, telecommunications, precision castings, medical equipment and desiccants.

With world class facilities, CanWhite Sands is positioned to become a world leader in environmental practices

CanWhite Sands will be the world’s most environmentally friendly silica mine. By implementing an innovative extraction and sand transport process, along with an environmental program that uses sustainability best practices where possible, the company will reduce impacts on habitats and communities while continuing to manage land responsibly throughout the lifecycle of our assets. We will strive to meet the highest safety standards, minimize negative impacts on the environment and actively work with local communities.