Industrial Sand

Industrial sand has a significant role in how we live and is the primary invisible ingredient that keeps our society running. It is an essential component in developing energy resources, building roads, schools, phones, computer screens, drinking glasses and more. CanWhite’s high purity silica is a key input product for renewable energy products, high-grade glass and electronics.

Products By Industry

Cell Phone Screens

High Quality Sand Purity Usage


High Quality Sand Purity Usage


CanWhite can provide a variety of mesh sizes to fulfill drilling optimization needs. Our sand quality and consistency offers reliable performance that will maximize flow capacity. With our superior conductivity and crush strength our sand can withstand demanding formations, this will result in optimizing the production decline curve.

Fibre Optics

High Quality Sand Purity Usage

Float Glass

High Quality Sand Purity Usage


Our silica sand’s quality will ensure our customers have the top quality sand they require for clear glass manufacturing, flat sheet glass, glass containers, and fiberglass.

High Quality Sand Purity Usage

Green Energy

High Quality Sand Purity Usage


Rechargeable Batteries

High Quality Sand Purity Usage


Specialized products to be consistent in excellence – on and off the field. Our specialized materials include landscape applications, volleyball, tennis courts, sandboxes, and sports fields. Equestrian Surface Products, Golf Course Products, Recreation Products, and Sports Turf Products.

Solar Panels

High Quality Sand Purity Usage

Specialty/Medical Glass

CanWhite Sands will produce a line of top quality products are rigorously tested and expertly tailored or engineered for your specific application. Our sand is greater than 99.85% silica.

High Quality Sand Purity Usage

Water Filtration

Our sand is ideal for water filtration products used by municipalities and industrial wastewater systems.