About CanWhite Sands

CanWhite Sands is the world’s most environmentally friendly silica mine and supplier. We are committed to offering superior products and practicing sustainable development that respects the people, community, and environment. 


Based on the 2019 independent National Instrument 43-101 Technical Report, the indicated resource on the Bru property is 66 Mt and the inferred resource is 114 Mt while the inferred resource on the Den property is 351 Mt

Environmentally Conscious

Becoming a world leader in environmental practices by using an innovative borehole extraction process that reduces the carbon footprint and aligning our sustainability policies with global and industry standards.

Private Company

Located in Calgary, Alberta, CA with operations in Manitoba, CA, CanWhite Sands has been exploring the development of silica sand since 2016.

Aiming to be the Largest Canadian Supplier of Silica Sand

Our Competitive Advantage

  • CanWhite’s raw silica exceeds 99.85% purity prior to processing and is a key input product for renewable energy products, high-grade glass and electronics.
  • Lower cost extraction and processing cost than our competitors
  • Over 98% of the estimated sand resource considered to be a ‘Saleable’ product