Our Advantages

CanWhite Sands has secured the largest high purity silica resource in North America and will be the most environmentally friendly silica mine in the world. As a Canadian based company with claims directly adjacent to the three Class 1 rail lines, we will have a cost effective advantage in transportation and shipping. Over 98% of the estimated sand resource is a ‘Saleable’ product due to our silica content exceeding 99.85% with minimal impurities and the natural size distribution within the resource



Access to Rail

CanWhite Sands facilities are located near Winnipeg which is a rail hub, often referred to as the inland port.  We have direct access to both the Pacific and Atlantic sea ports for cost effective shipping to international markets and to three Class 1 rail lines enabling us to move our product anywhere in North America.

Large Resource


We have secured a large resource spanning over 390 mining claims, this resource can provide over 100 years of mine life. Based on the 2019 independent National Instrument 43-101 Technical Report, the indicated resource on the Bru property is 66 Mt and the inferred resource is 114 Mt while the inferred resource on the Den property is 351 Mt


High Purity Silica

Our raw sand purity is greater than 99.85% silica with consistency throughout the mining properties. Over 98% of the sand is considered to be a saleable product, this is due to minimal impurities resulting in low processing costs.


Profitability Projections

CanWhite can maintain a positive gross profit margin at unsustainable prices for its competition.

Due to CanWhite’s lower transportation cost, low mine gate cost and Canadian dollar advantage provides the opportunity to be a price taker in the market. By implementing an innovative extraction process and having direct access to rail lines, CanWhite maximizes efficiencies while reducing resource consumption.


Efficient and Eco-Friendly

We are utilizing an innovative, patent-pending extraction process which will reduce both our cost and environmental footprint.

Multi-Industry Use

Solutions and Applications

Our sand meets the top tier requirements for several varied industries which enables us to diversify our client base.

Local Infrastructure

Supportive Environment

CanWhite’s facility is located in Manitoba, Canada which is home to many skilled and experienced workers, low power rates, great infrastructure and a supportive regulatory environment both municipal and provincial.


Environment Protection

World's Most Eco-Friendly Silica Mine

The use of a slurry line will eliminate the use of material hauling, silica dust, and keep traffic to a minimum. CanWhite will maintain strict environmental policies to ensure community safety.