Our sand is a Canadian high purity silica that exceeds
99.85% SiO2 content
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Our Advantages Resulting from logistical and operational advantages,
CanWhite Sands will be the lowest cost provider of
high purity silica sand.
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Environment & Sustainability The world's most environmentally friendly silica mine. Read More

About CanWhite Sands

Aiming to be the Largest Canadian Supplier of Silica Sand, CanWhite Sands is positioned to become the most significant Silica Sand producer and supplier in North America.

Canadian White™ Sand

CanWhite’s silica is a Tier 1 quality identical to Wisconsin’s Northern White Sand. The company has secured the largest silica sand resource in the world.

Logistical, Economic, and Environmental Advantages

CanWhite Sands secured a large Tier 1 sand resource in Canada that is 35% closer to Canadian markets and 45% closer to North Dakota markets than the competing Wisconsin Tier 1 silica sand. As a result, the company is to be the lowest cost provider of Northern White Sand (NWS) into Canada and North Dakota.

A World Leader in Environmental Practices

With world class environmentally friendly facilities, the CanWhite Sands is positioned to become a world leader in environmental practices.

Canadian White™ Trademark of CanWhite

Canadian White™ is a registered trademark CanWhite Sands to identify the Company’s Tier 1 silica sand produced in Canada.

Canadian White™ silica sand product has equivalent properties to Tier 1 in Wisconsin.