What is Canadian White™ Sand?

Canadian White™ is a registered trademark of CanWhite Sands to identify the Company’s high purity silica sand produced in Canada. Canadian White’s high purity silica is a key input product for renewable energy products, high-grade glass and electronics.

About Us

CanWhite Sands is a Canadian silica sand producer and supplier committed to offering superior products and practicing sustainable development. Utilizing an innovative extraction process and our logistical advantages; CanWhite’s operation is the lowest-cost provider of Canadian White™ silica sand.

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Our Team

With our specialized team, we can answer any questions you may have about our industry.

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Our Values

CanWhite Sands is the most environmentally friendly silica sand resource in the world. We believe in sustainability management practices that align with our corporate policies; including, taking care of our land and providing community resources.

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