CanWhite Sands will manage environmental risk in-line with our corporate sustainability policy, which will align with global and industry standards. It is our mission to continue to evolve our environmental program to reduce our carbon footprint.

Land Management

In order to reduce impacts on habitats and communities, we aim to manage land responsibly throughout the lifecycle of our assets. Our activities can affect the regions in which we operate and by rehabilitating land, managing its biodiversity and considering the needs of local people, we can reduce the level of these impacts on communities and the environment.

Water Management

Access to safe, potable water and sanitation is a human right and water is a shared, finite resource. Through good water management practices, we minimize our impact on water resources for the benefit of local community and ourselves. By improving our water efficiency, we reduce our impact on local water supplies.

Air Emissions

CanWhite Sands recognizes that engaging with communities on air quality is vital. In our environmentally friendly extraction design, we will work to greatly reduce the amount of dust that escapes from traditional sand mining options.