Environmentally Friendly

At CanWhite Sands, we avoid open pits to eliminate silica dust associated with surface mining.
Using an innovative borehole mining technique, we reduce our environmental footprint in the world.

Borehole Mining Technique

Borehole extraction process that reduces the carbon footprint of mine.

No Surface Mining

Resulting in minimal surface disturbance and silica dust.

Limited Dust

The use of a slurry line will eliminate the use of heavy machinery, minimize traffic and material hauling.

Eco-Friendly Mining Design

While sand is a necessary component in almost all the products and services we utilize in our daily lives, CanWhite Sands understands our responsibility to minimize the environmental impact on the earth and the community.

As the world’s most environmentally friendly silica mine, CanWhite Sands is implementing a revolutionary mining design and environmental program that uses sand mining sustainability practices to reduce our carbon footprint.

Low Environmental Impact
  • Clean sand (less than 1% loss in wash)
  • No truck traffic – sand moved to process facility without the use of any trucks
  • No open-pit or silica dust concerns from mining operations