Company Values

Our values reflect our purpose, priorities and beliefs by which we conduct ourselves. They serve as the foundation of our sustainability management system along with our corporate policies.

Workforce Safety

We are committed to implementing the highest safety standards and making workers’ safety our highest priority.

The Environment

Minimizing negative impacts on the environment while developing resources by using innovative practices and managing environmental performance. 

Global Sustainability

Acting responsibly to practice sustainable development that respects the people, the community, and the environment. 

Our Community

CanWhite Sands is committed to working in local communities and taking an active role through training and employment opportunities.

Our Values, Our Community

Committed to our core values

We are the world’s most environmentally friendly silica mine by capitalizing on an innovative extraction process and implementing an environmental program that uses sustainability best practices to reduce our carbon footprint, maximize efficiencies and reduce resource consumption. CanWhite Sands is committed to offering superior products and practicing sustainable development that respects the people, community, and environment